SKYLIVING is a manufac­turer of extraor­dinary and revo­lutionary high-end outdoor furniture. We have redefined the terms style, function­ality, durabil­ity, un­concern and com­fort for living under the open sky. High-tech materi­als, thor­ough engineer­ing and spectacu­lar design appeal to those who do not hide their self-esteem, who regard their beloved outdoor living space with pride and pleasure and who value the union of design and func­tionality in all aspects of life.

„We want to re­vital­ize the com­peti­tion of ideas, con­cepts and de­sign in the field of pre­mium out­door furni­ture. Our unique prod­ucts are not only excit­ing and spec­tacu­lar but also high-tech.”   "Func­tionality, high-qual­ity and de­sign should not be re­flected in our living rooms or our vehi­cles. We want our out­door spaces like ter­races to be beautiful and styl­ish too. Our aim is to cre­ate pieces of out­door furni­ture that em­body ele­gance and high-class and offer our customers to ex­press their indi­viduality.“

SKYLIVING – Pure pleasure and re­laxation for your precious time outdoors.

„Pure. Beautiful. Comfortable. Unique – SKYLIVING! The ultimate outdoor relaxation.“