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The SKYbed is a re­lax piece of out­door furni­ture that resem­bles charac­teris­tics of a bed and a ham­mock. It con­sists of a fully dis­mount­able stain­less steel frame and a 100% weath­er­proof relax mat.

The mat is a three­fold textile com­posite of Batyline and spacer fabric that are quilted with PTFE-thread. Spacer fabric is an in­nova­tive pad­ding material with an open­cell charac­ter that near­ly does not ab­sorb any mois­ture. It offers op­timal air cir­cu­la­tion under­neath the human body for maxi­mum com­fort. The frame flexibly adapts to un­even floor sur­faces. The suspen­sion bars are indi­vidually adjust­able in length for varying relax proper­ties.

The SKYbed is awarded with the Interior Innovation Award 2011, the reddot design award for Product Design 2011 and nominated for the Designpreis Deutschland 2012.