We aspire to bring comfort outdoors 365 days a year with an eye-catching and spectacu­lar design with no limita­tions. For this, spe­cial mate­rials are required; materials that resist exposure to ele­ments like sun, rain, salt or dust and can endure fluctua­tions in tempera­ture.

Today surfaces of braided synthetic fibres, alumin­ium and wood dominate in out­door furniture. Other com­monly used padding foams cannot withstand year-round out­door exposure. These materials do not meet the superior standards of SKYliv­ing.

We apply high-tech textiles and ex­clusive materials in our outdoor lifestyle products. All of them are all-weather resis­tant and extremely durable. This is especially true for our inno­vative, three-dimen­sional padding material known as spacer fabric. It is a tech­nical tex­tile com­posite with out­standing charac­teristics well suited for outdoor applica­tions. High-grade, brushed stainless steel pipes in luscious dimen­sions and PVC-coated mi­cro-grid fabric comple­ment our high-quality mate­rial port­folio. SKYLIVING is the first to com­bine mi­cro-grid and three-dimen­sional spacer fabrics in outdoor applica­tions.

Out­standing quality can be found in all mate­rials and in every detail of our prod­ucts. Even our PTFE quilting and sew­ing thread from GORE, USA, which meets the exact­ing stan­dards of the automo­bile in­dustry. It is ex­tremely tear and abra­sion-resistant and comes with a 15-year guaran­tee of colour and UV-resistance. All original SKYLIVING products are also fabri­cated from stainless steel and are there­fore perma­nently resistant to rust.

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