Spacer Fabric

In prod­ucts where comfort is critical we work with a high-tech textile with unique charac­teristics – the spacer fabric.

Spacer fabrics are fibre compos­ites of two tex­tile outer layers kept in a defined distance by an inner layer of mono­filament threads. The pro­file re­sembles a sandwich structure. The open structure of the inner layer allows perfect air circu­lation and it also helps to quickly remove moisture equalling complete ventila­tion and guaran­teed comfort when sitting and rest­ing.

This three-dimen­sional fabric offers out­standing comfort and sta­bility because of its elasticity and pres­sure distribu­tion. The pressure of your body is absorbed at the point of contact and is not distrib­uted widely over the surface. This dis­tinct point elasticity delivers a body-fit and smooth, comfort­able rest­ing.

The fol­lowing charac­teristics sum up why spacer fabrics are used in SKYliv­ing prod­ucts: